First blog post!

I feel like the first blog post is supposed to be meaningful and symbolic of the posts to come – the prologue to the many riveting stories ahead. Maybe I reveal a sinister past that defines who I am today. Or disclose the sudden, mysterious decision behind starting this new blog.

But nope, sadly my life is pretty mundane. Why did I start a blog, then? That’s a good question that will never be answered.

I could maybe try to come up with a cool origin story later…


Welcome to my blog!


This is just going to be a personal blog where I keep track of my life, my thoughts, and my never-ending list of regrets. Maybe I’ll throw in a few comics too.

It’ll be nice to have a victim for all my rants; at least, one that isn’t able to walk out the room once they get sick of me. The internet will be forced to endure my complaints forever (or until I get too embarrassed and delete my account.)

Well, I think that’s enough of an introduction for now.






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