Snow and Spring Day

So I’ve been having a ridiculous winter. I live in Canada so you might think that I’m used to “Canadian” winters, but not like this. Mountains of snow, delayed buses, cancelled classes – actually, the last one isn’t too bad. But it’s been non-stop for a while now! I just can’t escape it; it’s everywhere. Social media, news, small talk. I wake up and it’s a new scene every morning. Just like Trump drama.

The snow itself is actually very pretty. But when classes are suddenly cancelled and the entire student population rushes to the bus stop, it’s no longer a pretty sight.

I mean, I shouldn’t complain. There is something very cozy about huddling like penguins with a crowd of strangers, all waiting for the never-arriving bus, while enjoying the tranquility of falling snowflakes. That is, until the bus finally arrives, and we all turn into savage predators who are ready to kill. One wrong move and you’re dead (or at least, shoved back to the end of the line.)


Honestly, I’m pretty sure someone growled at me. Is all this snowman-building material really worth this kind of chaos?

Even though it seems so far away, I can’t wait for spring. I’m a little jealous of anyone right now who’s able to walk outside without waddling in the cold. The new season couldn’t come fast enough.


(Warning: extreme fangirling ahead)

Speaking of spring, BTS just released their MV for “Spring Day”! (Any k-pop fans out there?) It’s soooo good! I’ve listened to it more times than what is probably considered sane.

I kept thinking of Train to Busan when I was watching the video though. (Train to Busan is a South Korean zombie-apocalypse movie that’s a lot of fun to watch. I highly recommend it! Unless you get queasy at the sight of blood and gore and severed limbs…then you should probably skip out.) Anyways, the video takes place on a train, so it would be a perfect sequel – just replace Gong Yoo with BTS members and the horde of zombies with a horde of ARMYs and they’re all insane and viscious and screaming “Oppa~~!” as they chase after the train.

I’d watch it.

Alright, I think I’ve rambled too much. But I am a bit of a nerd so it’s better just to admit that now. Maybe I’ll write about something cool next time. I’m also a liar.



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