Goodbye, Midterms

Well my week in Hell of midterms is over. Of course they all happen to occur within days of each other. I can just see a group of professors conspiring with each other at the beginning of each semester, hatching a nefarious plan of driving students into despair by creating the most impossible schedule and then ending the meeting in a chorus of maniacal laughter. (A little too dramatic, maybe?)

Basically, I spent all of last week crying into piles of French grammar notes and staring blankly at phonetic transcriptions. It was a rough time. Getting home after each exam, I would pretty much collapse on my bed, drown in regret, and wonder why the heck I was doing this to myself.  (You know how you’re supposed to have a flashback of your life right before you die? Well, it’s like that, but like a slideshow of all the terrible decisions that led me to this point.) And I would lie there on my back and stare intently at the ceiling, as if the answer would somehow be written there. But it’s all just plaster, I realized. I was staring at plaster. This is what midterms do to my brain.

midterm-despairI’m kidding, of course. I didn’t just spend my week studying. After all, what is studying without procrastination. Distraction is a necessary step to prep my brain for all that cramming I’m about to do.

Last week, it was a binge on Noragami. It was such a great anime! There are two seasons so that means double the procrastination. The show was good enough that I’m reading the manga right now, because I have nothing better to do with my life. Anyways, I thought it was a really cute story! It was about “kami” (gods) and included some bits from Shinto, a religion/faith in Japan. Because of it, I’ve been wikipedia-ing a lot of Japanese myths lately and it’s actually quite interesting. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s looking for an easy little anime to watch and escape from the reality of your impending demise from exams.

Alright, back to studying!



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