Self-love or self-hate?

I think I have a pretty self-deprecating sense of humour, whether that’s good or not. In awkward situations, which I’m sadly in a lot of, jokes tend to lighten up the mood. Especially if it’s at my own expense.

That might seem a little like self-hate, but I don’t think of it that way! Of course, you need to be aware of your flaws to be able to mock them, and exaggerate them to a point where it might seem like you hate yourself.

But I think it’s great to laugh at yourself once in a while. Healthy, even. After all, how can we accept our flaws if we can’t even see our flaws?

Look at your quirks, laugh at them, and then love them. goblin

I know, it’s not always you who’s trying to be the jokster. It’s others. And as much as I hate the phrase “Learn how to take a joke!”, I think maybe sometimes we need to do just that – be comfortable with having other people laugh at you.

Because that’s how we can build confidence. When we base our self-value from our own judgement – not others.

Sorry for the weirdly serious tone! I’ve just been thinking about it after seeing *ahem* a certain newsmaker these days really struggling to take criticism and mockery! (And taking it out on Twitter instead *cough cough*)

We should never tolerate bullying, of course, but if it’s just a light dig here and there, accepting it is like a sign of confidence. It means that our self-esteem is strong enough to withstand a couple of jokes at our expense.

So go ahead, laugh away!


(The drawing above, by the way, was actually not meant for this post. It’s just some fanart of this Korean drama I’ve been watching, Goblin. It’s amazinggggg!! I’m crazy about it right now and I couldn’t resist geeking out about it a little. Super super well done. But I don’t think I’m emotionally prepared for the inevitably heart-breaking ending…)



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