Netflix and Kill

Two words.

Death. Note.

Netflix just released the trailer for their new series, Death Note, adapted from a Japanese anime with the same title. So far, a lot of people are excited. But of course nowadays in this drama-loving divided world, there are a lot of haters who for some reason are under the impression that the general population are very interested indeed in their pessimistic, premature critiques of a show they haven’t watched yet. (Spoiler: We’re not.)

For a show about a book that can kill a person with just their name, I’d be careful with my Facebook comments. Just saying.

My first thoughts? Well!


To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of the anime. (The tiny rage-filled troll in me is trying to start up a rant but I’ll suppress it for now.) Basically, I didn’t like the characters. But for this new American-style show, I’m going to be optimistic. I’m really hoping that they’ll keep the concept (which was brilliant, by the way) but change up the story. Keep it fresh.

Because the ending in the anime was a devastating atrocity.

death note

Emphasis on American. Another thing people are complaining about is the lack of Asian actors in the show. As someone who has a foot in both worlds, I’m surprisingly alright with it.

Usually I unleash that inner troll I was talking about and scream about the unfairness of how underrepresented the Asian community is. Or how we’re represented and then killed off. *cough* Glenn *cough*

But I think as long as it’s set in an American community and not somewhere in Japan, it doesn’t really count as whitewashing.

Another two words.

Milky. Chance. Album.

Shoot, that’s three words. Just Milky Chance then. They released a new album (finally!) and so far so AMAZING.

You: Wait, what? You mean you actually listen to music that’s not K-pop?

Me: Yes. I do. I have an impeccable taste in a variety of genres, okay?! (Totally not true.)

But yes! Milky Chance (a German group that does folk/alternative/indie/genius music) made a great album and I definitely recommend listening to Blossom and Cocoon, if not the entire album.

On a completely random note, today I found out that these things exist:

Cute, or a thing of nightmares?

Say hello to the Sun bear. According to the quick and reliable source called Wikipedia, their tongues can be 20 to 25 cm long! Whaaaaaaa….

Imagine what you could use that for. Getting those last drops in a Venti-sized cup, licking ten envelopes at once, maybe swinging it around to creep out other predators.

It’s late. I’ll stop before this goes somewhere weird…



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