Great, the sun is shaming me

I think the Spring gods or Mother Nature or my local weatherman have finally heard my pleas! The snow is gone (knock on wood) and is instead replaced with downpour upon downpour. But I’ll literally take anything right now.

The rain stopped for a moment today and it was like one of those really cliché scenes where the clouds parted and a ray of sunshine came streaming through the window – a perfect spotlight for the huge bowl of popcorn and plate of cookies I was eating.

I get it. Junk food is bad. I don’t need such a dramatic sign.

But it was enough to feel a deep, guilty pang in the pit of my stomach. Or maybe that was just from eating too many cookies.

marathon cheat 2

Marathons ain’t my thing. A light jog is even a bit much for my sad, lazy self.

But today’s miraculous sunshine was a reminder that with a new spring season comes the necessity of exercise to burn off that excess winter hibernation fat.

And also pollen and allergies.




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