Ahh, the sweet sound of cheesy roller coaster music and screaming children. A nearby mall had a carnival last weekend and the weather was perfect! I forgot what it felt like to go outside in three layers of clothing instead of ten. It was a nice way to celebrate before the literal downpour predicted for the next couple of weeks. But hey, April showers bring May flowers, right? (…Right?? Please, I need some rays of sunshine and hope.)

Some sushi that I ate beforehand: a spicy tuna roll with masago and a yam tempura roll. Yum!
My coordination is so terrible that I feel like if I aimed for the balloons, the dart will still somehow end up in my eye.


A few of my friends and I wanted to buy some tickets for the Ferris Wheel but it cost about 6 dollars each. So, naturally, we decided to spend all that good money on mini doughnuts instead.

T-This isn’t all for me, okay? I was sharing with friends…maybe…



Doughnuts and a night at the Carnival, what more could you want? 🙂

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