Voyage in Victoria, BC

“Study….study….” a voice in my head whispers, knowing that I have a final tomorrow.


Seriously, who knew blogging could be so addicting?

So, this trip was about a month ago, but I really wanted to share the photos. Better late than never, hopefully? I went to Victoria, BC, Canada with my friend for a few days to explore the capital of British Columbia. It’s actually located on an island (Vancouver Island) so if you’re in the city of Vancouver, there are only a select few ways to get there: ferry, seaplane, or helicopter.

Guess which one I took… 😉


Yes, the helicopter! To be fair, my friend had a discount so it was a lot cheaper for us to take it. For anyone travelling on a budget, it is definitely more economical to take the ferry, but be warned: we took the ferry on the way back because us-very-broke students couldn’t afford the heli both ways. We left Victoria around 5PM and arrived in Downtown Vancouver at 10PM after many hours of delays, technical problems, and tears.


The helicopter dropped us off near Ogden Point Breakwater, a walkway that stretches almost a kilometer long and ends with a pretty little lighthouse. If you’re in the area, definitely check it out! There’s a great view of the mountains and ocean.


Next stop: Abkhazi Garden! This garden was absolutely beautiful and only took about 20 minutes by bus and foot from Downtown Victoria. Take a couple brochures: the story behind its creation involves a prince, a princess, and obviously some romance.


Of course, after all that walking, we got a little hungry. Well, it worked out, because there’s a teahouse at the garden that serves some mouth-watering afternoon tea. Yup, scones, cakes, cute little sandwiches…my stomach is growling as I write this. Luckily, there were also gluten-free options for my friend. A delicious snack with a pretty view of the garden – you should definitely stop by!

We then returned back to the harbour to burn off all those calories we just consumed. And just in time! The sunset was stunning and was the perfect way to end the day.




2 thoughts on “Voyage in Victoria, BC

  1. Such beautiful pictures! And that afternoon tea looks like it was delicious 🙂
    Also I agree with you about blogging. It’s so addicting, it’s always sitting in the back of my head and I constantly want to check my blog, read new blogs, write new blogs.. XD

    Liked by 1 person

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