Anime is…weird?

Is anime actually weird?

is anime weird

Last night I went to watch Kimi no Na Wa (Your Name), which is a Japanese anime romantic drama that was ridiculously popular in Japan last year. The movie was actually playing in theatres in Vancouver so of course I went to go see it!

Before the movie, my friend and I went for dinner and the waitress asked us what our plans were afterwards. And…I hesitated. Somehow, “watching a foreign animated movie about two teens switching bodies” didn’t seem so normal.

I mean, the way I paused made it sound like I was about to go watch something embarrassing or inappropriate. But if I said I was watching Fifty Shades, no one would bat an eye.

Me: I’m going to watch Fifty Shades.

Them: Oh, cool, have fun.

Me: Just kidding, I’m watching this Japanese anime movie.

Them: *uncomfortably shuffles away from me and questions my life choices*

But why is it weird? Is it because it’s Japanese? Or because people don’t know what it is? I mean, anime is basically just animation like Disney. If I said I was watching the original Beauty and the Beast, everyone would be gushing about how great it is.

To be fair, weird anime does exist. (And noooo not hentai, for goodness’ sake, let’s not get into that.) But there’s a lot of fantasy, crazy villains, superpowers, alternate worlds, giant cannibalistic titans…

I think anime is getting more popular these days though? I’m hoping that one day it won’t have a reputation of being some weird cartoon from overseas; it’s so much more than that. Until then, I’m going to try not to be too self-conscious of it.

I don’t know, do you find anime weird? Or are you a fellow otaku like me?

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3 thoughts on “Anime is…weird?

  1. Anime is no weirder than any other form of entertainment. Certainly there are weird anime, but given the range within anime there’s certainly quite ordinary and even dull anime as well as exciting, strange, and everything in between anime. Enjoy what you enjoy.

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  2. First of all, it’s common for people to not accept change in their world (xenophobia i believe). Also anime is believed to be only for kids since it’s Japanese CARTOONS. That generalization immediately limits down the audience drastically. Also there exists weird animes and that’s what people generalize anime as. I think if they just take the chance to watch some quality anime, they might change their mind a little however a lot of animes contain some fanservice which drives away some viewers. It’s almost like if they see just a second of weirdness then immediately they assume the whole show is like that. I really would like to see people’s viewpoints on anime change and I think the anime community needs to deliver the message to stop generalizing anime.

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