The Horoscope Experiment

Let’s get this out of the way: I don’t believe in horoscopes. I just think they’re fun and I like reading them out of curiosity, but I always wonder: how accurate are they really? Like, what if you’re born one day before someone else and you have different signs? Is that really going to make you different people?

But I do believe that horoscopes are general enough to apply to various people, and is a bit of a hit-or-miss.

I’ve never really tested a horoscope before though. I just scan down to Libra (my birthday is at the end of September) and forget about it. That’s why out of genuine curiosity, I want to take time this month to see how accurate, or completely inaccurate, these predictions can be and write an update at the end of May.

Yep, this is my horoscope experiment.

horoscope experimentAfter some careful research and deliberation (who am I kidding, I just clicked the first links on Google or anything that ends in a .org – that’s official right?), I found these horoscopes for Libra for the month of May:

Astrology Club


So from this one, it sounds like I will have good energy on the 5th and 6th, successful on 13th and 14th, kinda depressed on the 19th and 20th, and transforming into Aristotle on the 31st. I like how this one has dates so I can keep track of what I’m actually like on those days.


Ooh, this one is interesting! On May 10th, I should be getting some extra cash (cha-ching, now this is the horoscope I was hoping for!) from selling possessions. What a coincidence, considering that I’m actually selling furniture and textbooks right now to get some extra money for my trips. Also, on May 25th, they say I should “broaden my horizons either through travel or a new learning experience.” Money and travel? Sounds perfect.

Cafe Astrology


This one is super in-depth! Which makes a little skeptical, because the more information you have, the more likely it is that the horoscope will apply to the majority of people. But anyways, analyzing is for later. This one is similar to the first two, where I should reach some sort of self-realizing epiphany near the end of the month. (Uh huh, ya, we’ll see.) It does mention travel and effort into projects, as well as some good financial fortune near the 10th. It also says “travel or educational plans may be delayed.” Yikes. No thanks?

Overall, it sounds like the beginning of May is all sunshine, somewhere in the middle I reach rock-bottom, and at the end I transform into an all-knowing, introspective version of myself. Wow, that sounds like an emotional roller coaster that I’m really not in the mood for.

Jokes aside, I’m actually pretty curious to see how this turns out. I’ll be keeping track, don’t worry, and I’ll sum up my experience in June!

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10 thoughts on “The Horoscope Experiment

  1. I don’t think horoscopes are accurate either but I don’t care because I have fun reading posts about them anyway😂 I do however think the Myers Briggs personality test is accurate so if you haven’t tried that, that’s definitely something interesting to check out!

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  2. haha I need to find out if all that actually happens! Woudn’t that be cool af if you could trust horoscopes? This might be a little off topic but birth months are actually really important when it comes to sports. Little league teams are all based off of ages, so if you happen to be close to the cut off date, you can either be the biggest kid on the team or the smallest lol, which can affect the kid’s chances of getting into the major leagues (so it kind of is like seeing into the future aha)

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    1. That’s cool! It’s kind of like school in the beginning too, I guess, like what age you start kindergarten depending on whether you were born in an early or late month. I wish horoscopes could predict my future! Unless it was bad. Then leave me in blissful ignorance haha

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