15 Thoughts while Getting a Haircut

15 thoughts haircut

While sitting in the salon chair and discussing my hair:

  • Whoa, look at all my split ends. This is embarrassing. I really have to part ways with my beloved hair straightener.
  • Should I get bangs? Dye my hair? Crop it short? Get a freaking buzz cut?? Let’s go crazy!
  • On second thought, that’s definitely a bad idea. Ditch crazy, say hello to same old boring me.

While getting my hair shampooed:

  • Don’t fall asleep, don’t fall asleep, don’t fall asleep –

While sitting back on the chair and staring at my wet-hair, cape-covered self:

  • What’s that thing in the mirror? Oh. Wait. It’s me. Have I always looked this ugly?
  • Why does the lady beside me look so pretty??

Image result for wet hair haircut ugly

While my hair is getting blow-dried:

  • Do I have to talk? I hate small-talk. Or can I bring magazines? Is that rude??  Is it too quiet in here or is it just me?
  • Why is my hair so frizzy, it’s literally an Afro!
  • My poor hair stylist, having to deal with the abomination on my head…

While my hair is getting chopped:

  • It’s not short enough, still not short enough, for goodness’ sake I’m paying out of my weekly food allowance for this and – Great. Now it’s at chin-level. Oh well, hair grows back right?? *cries*
  • *stomach growls* I should have eaten before this…
  • *stylist puts 10 products in my hair* Man, I really need to put more effort into my look!
  • There’s a hair on my nose and now it’s itchy and I neeeeeed to scratch it but I don’t want to bother her…Ugh, here comes a sneeze!
  • *looks down at model in magazine then back to mirror* I’ve had better days…

While looking at the final reveal:

  • *Holds a hand mirror to see the finished product* Ummmm ya that looks…great! Ha. Ha.

So I just got a haircut and this is basically my thought process each time. I’m exaggerating a little here, obviously. You know me. My haircut this time was actually nice and I’m happy with it, but there have been other times in the past where I definitely regretted the decision of staying well under budget. Little tip: don’t do it. It’s not even worth the little money you spent on it. Anyways, does this remind you of any haircut horror stories?

Forever Frizzy,

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18 thoughts on “15 Thoughts while Getting a Haircut

  1. I love that first picture XD
    I honestly have never had my hair cut. I’ve had it styled and blowdryed, but I’ve always cut my hair myself. I have done both good jobs and bad jobs, but it’s so expensive to get it done professionally that I always think screw it I’ll do it myself. But on those bad days…I only ever trim though. I just tried to give myself a fringe once, and please don’t try ever try to cut your own fringe XD XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg 😂😂 Well like I said, you just have to remind yourself that hair grows back 🙂 At least you save a TON of money!! And too late for that advice – I used to have bangs and I trimmed it myself every few weeks, and one time let’s just say I went a little too crazy…!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is amazing and your drawing is so cute! My thoughts exactly about getting haircuts. I have very long, thick curly hair, and I haven’t cut it for like 6 years… that’s probably bad. But I trim it myself so I don’t have that many split ends… 😉 Loving your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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