Confession: I’m always late

Punctuality is not my middle name.

im always late

I think I’m writing this post to sort of guilt me into changing my ways. Because over the years, I’ve been feeding a terrible, terrible habit: I’m never on time.

Maybe that doesn’t seem that horrendous; I mean, it’s better than confessing to a smoking habit. But for some reason, I somehow always show up 15 to even 30 minutes late everywhere I go! And I know that it’s obviously not acceptable – the guilt is always eating me when I see the bus that I was supposed to take pull away.

I am a procrastinator, always have been. Every little deadline, every little task, is all done at the very last minute. No, seriously, I usually start writing my papers the day it’s due. Yep, I’m a rebel. Or just an idiot.

Anyways, I think I’ve built up this mentality that there’s always enough time. I’ve still got time, I always tell myself. And then, all of a sudden, I don’t. It’s like time suddenly moves at lightning speed and – BAM – I’m 10 minutes late and running out the door and my friend texts me that they’re waiting.

But of course, that’s just an excuse. Time doesn’t magically speed up for me. It’s just that I’ve created a habit where time isn’t important for me anymore, and, by extension, the time of the people around me isn’t important anymore.

I’m getting really sick of coming up with excuses of why I’m not on time. Unless your house is on fire or your dog is projectile vomiting everywhere, there isn’t really an excuse for lack of punctuality.

Don’t be that person who is always late. That goes for everyone and especially for me.

Forever done with the 100 meter dash to the bus stop,

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9 thoughts on “Confession: I’m always late

  1. I used to be a timely human but my friend’s untimeliness has rubbed off on me. It started with thinking ‘oh she’ll be at least 10 minutes late so I’ll get off 20mins later’ and just went downhill from there. Gotta pick it up again as well!

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  2. Explains me to a T! I’m trying so hard to be better at being on time. I now try to tell myself that the time to be there is actually 15-30 minutes earlier in hopes that I’ll be on time, or at least 5 minutes early!

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  3. This sounds like me, but only when I’m getting ready to go to work. It’s the one place I can’t seem to get to on time!

    I would say this is something I want to work on, but my job doesn’t penalize me for being late, so I probably wont 🙂

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  4. Haha. I am always late. It’s so bad that people expect me to be late. It’s mostly because of my poor planning and promising impossible … something like “I can be there in 15 minutes” only to realize shortly after that it takes 30 minutes to drive there. My goal for June is to get better

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