10 Thoughts while on a Hike

20170525_114421First of all, can we just appreciate how completely fake and pose-y this photo looks? I mean, look at me, all alone in the wilderness, staring wistfully into the distance, quietly consumed by existential turmoil as the gentle breeze brushes through my hair.

Behind the scene: Other hikers yapping and snapping photos around me as my friend squats to find the perfect angle, while I stare in horror at a crazy dog that’s getting dangerously close to the edge of the cliff.

Maybe not as serene as the picture suggests.

Anyways, after a rare sunny week where it surprisingly felt like summer in summer, I decided to take advantage of the weather and go on a hike. It wasn’t insanely difficult but you know, since I’m as fit as the Witch of the Waste, I was huffing and puffing within 5 seconds.

The spectacular view in the end, however, was so incredibly worth the pain of aching quads and calves and other muscles that I’ve been neglecting.


Without further ado, here are 10 thoughts I had while on this hike:

  • Okay, did I forget anything? Water bottle, check. Cellphone, check. Money for ice cream afterwards to gain back all the calories I just burned, check. Band-aids and gauze and crutches for when I inevitably fall flat on my face, check.
  • At least the weather is absolutely perfect; nothing worse than going through the agony of a trek up a mountain just to be surrounded by the beauty of grey clouds.


  • This shouldn’t be too hard, right? Oh, look, it starts off with stairs. And more stairs up ahead. And, what’s that over there? Silly me, it’s even more stairs.
  • Just keep climb~ing, just keep climb~ing
  • What the! That 2-year-old girl just passed me!! And now a lil’ puppy! And…is that an old lady in a wheelchair?! (The last one’s a joke, but there was an embarrassing number of older folks passing me.)
  • *shaking my water bottle to hear the horrifying sound of emptiness* Yep, should’ve brought more water.
  • N-need…….water……help……..


  • Suddenly, the trees part and sunshine streams in, blinding me, as my hand reaches for the light. A choir of angels are faintly heard in the background. Is that…the top?
  • You know, this view was actually worth it.
  • Aaaaand now I have to go all the way back. Great. I love hikes.

My thoughts are always a little too dramatic; I actually really did enjoy it. The forest is my comfort zone, where it’s quiet and easy to escape the hustle and bustle of life. Hopefully this inspires some of you to explore the Great Outdoors and enjoy the summer weather!

The slow and the furious,

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