The Horoscope Results (May Reflection)

The life-changing results that everyone has been waiting for: did my horoscopes come true?

(Okay, well most of you can probably already guess that the answer is *spoiler* no, not really.)

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Quick little recap: I wrote about doing a horoscope experiment about a month ago, where I read a few horoscopes and decided to keep track of how accurate they were throughout the month of May. 

I’ve been seeing a lot of May recap/favourites posts, so instead of just writing about how the horoscopes did or did not come true, I’m going to sum up what happened in my life in the past month.

May 5-6: Good Energy

Meh. Beginning of May wasn’t that good for me. I was just working a lot at my part-time job, trying to save up for my upcoming trip. So rather than good energy, it was more like low energy for me. This one was a miss.

May 10: Extra Cash

Hey, this one wasn’t bad! I managed to sell my couch for a couple hundred bucks on Craigslist. I also sold a textbook. (I know, look at me, right. Making some big bucks.) But, I also spent all that money on an expensive haircut and a nice Mother’s Day present. The extra cash soon became no cash.

May 13-14: Success

Hmm, I don’t know too much about success. I messed up a lot at my job these few days so that really bummed me out. Ugh, I really hate it – but at least there’s only a few weeks left until I leave! Do any of you guys have part-time jobs?

May 19-20: Depressed

Fortunately, this one was way off! The weather was absolutely perfect for like a solid week, so I went out a lot and was pretty productive. I began planning out my trip a little more. I was in such a good mood! It’s funny how much of an effect dreary weather can have on everyone.

May 25: Broaden My Horizons


I went for a hike! That’s pretty horizon-broadening. The horoscope did say “through travel or a new learning experience”, so maybe they didn’t mean it so literally. It was still an awesome day, though, and I’m glad I went outside instead of sitting in front of my laptop all day per usual.

May 31: Self-Reflection

Okay, so my awareness of time is in general pretty poor, I guess, because I just realized that I’m leaving for New York City in a few weeks! Reality was really sinking in. The end of May was filled with a lot of stress as I felt like I had nothing done! But it was also the time that I hit 100 followers on this blog, and that made me so glad that I hit publish on my first blog post all those months ago. So I guess I was feeling a lot of gratitude, not just with blogging but also with my travel opportunities, no matter how stressful they might be.

So that’s pretty much it for May. To be honest, the horoscopes were a lot more accurate than I thought they would be. Then again, most people have a lot of ups and downs in a month, so maybe the horoscopes just got a little lucky.

Overall, it’s been a good few weeks with great summer weather. I’m really excited for the rest of June and July!

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4 thoughts on “The Horoscope Results (May Reflection)

  1. To be fair, horoscopes are always left vague enough to make you think “Maybe they were right after all”. That’s my experience of them, which has always made me more suspicious XD Seems like you had a good month overall though 😀

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