And…take off!

First of all, WHOA it’s been a while since I’ve posted! In case you didn’t know, I already started my travel and this week has just flown by! (Literally.) It’s all good though – I’m having a ton of fun.

I’ll give you a few hints of where I am:


Yep, the Big Apple!

Let me tell you, “Big” is the right word to describe it. From billboards, to food, to museums, to statues, to skyscrapers – everything is HUGE!

But I’ll post more about New York City later.

Sorry again for not being around lately. This week was pretty intense but I’ll still try to catch up on everyone’s blogs soon. Wi-Fi has unfortunately been a bit spotty and I’m definitely getting some Youtube withdrawal symptoms.

But it’s finally July and that means the start of my Great Canadian trip! I’m super excited to travel my country and and even more so to tell you all about it later.

Until next time,

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