Woooowie has it been a long time since I’ve talked to you guys! But I come bearing good news: (No. It’s not Fall yet. No, you also didn’t win the lottery.)



(Yeah, sorry. Definitely not as good as the lottery.)

My hiatus is officially OVER. My walking shoes have been replaced with my trusty laptop. I have returned – rested, excited, and maybe even changed a bit. (I just looked down at myself, lounged on the couch eating chips and looking like a mess. Never mind. Still the same old me.)

I left on June 20 to begin one of the most fun – and definitely longest – adventures of my life. After a total of 44 awesome, challenging, funny, and sometimes awkward days, I’m super excited to share my journey with all of you.

So buckle up, especially if you’re reading this in a car because seat belts save lives. If you’re at home, make a cup of coffee, grab a blanket or fan (depending on where you live), get yourself nice and cozy, and see you in my next post!

signature 5

P.S. I’ve really missed everyone. Honestly, thanks so much to everyone who has been waiting so patiently! I can’t wait to get back to writing!


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