messy room

This might be a little bit of a rant post. Now I’m not going to pretend that I’m some kind of extreme neat freak that lives in a blissful world of spotless tabletops and organized wardrobes. I’ll admit, my mom has to remind me to clean up once in a while. I even have that one designated chair in the corner where I toss all my clothes on. (You know which one I’m talking about.)


But hey, I try.

So why am I bringing this up? During my stay in France, I’m sharing an apartment with a roommate. My first roommate ever, if you don’t count my sister. We both have our own rooms and bathrooms, but we share the little kitchen at our place.

I have two words. Pet. Peeves.

Okay, I understand being messy in your own room. That’s your happy place. You can leave it in any condition you want and hey, I won’t judge!

But dirty dishes, food crumbs on the counter, and taking days to clean up your own mess?

messy plates

Now that’s crossing the line. It’s just plain inconsiderate. Do they not think about the other people they’re sharing the place with? I have a feeling that my roommate leaves the kitchen in that state just for me to clean up the apocalyptic aftermath…

Yes, yes, you’re probably thinking that I should tell him everything that I’ve been silently ranting about under the safety of my blogging anonymity. It’s not easy though. One key part in this very one-sided narrative is that my room happens to get a lot of creepy-crawlies…and I make him get rid of them for me. I kid you not, the first night here I had the delight of finding a MASSIVE spider in my shower. Like I could practically see the hairs on its thick black legs. Welp, there goes my hygiene for the next seven months. Once I realized that it wasn’t realistic for me to never take a shower for over half a year, I knew I had to ask for help.

So he got rid of the baby tarantula. You see my problem? Maybe I’m as annoying to my roommate as he is to me. Makes it a little difficult to complain about the disaster in the kitchen.

In the end, I guess I’m glad that I have a roommate as it’s a little less lonely and quiet. You just have to learn to deal with their little habits and quirks.

But please, if you’re one of those people who wait to wash your cereal bowl from breakfast until the next morning, consider this an intervention. Just clean up. Thanks.






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