A Halfhazard Halloween!!

Remember the days when you would get so excited about seeing all the different costumes at school and finding the biggest bag to carry your trick-or-treating loot? I miss those days. This year, my plans for Halloween basically involve devouring chocolates and drowning in candy. So pretty much like when I was a kid, except now I have to pay for all of it.

Maybe I could watch a horror movie, except for the fact that I literally can’t watch them. During the day, with friends, whatever – even the cheesiest of scary movies leaves me huddled in the corner with a blanket over my head. I’m that annoying person who closes their eyes and covers their ears but then ask what’s happening every five seconds. Sorry, friends.

Anyways, no matter what your plans are this year, I hope you all have a great time and of course, stay safe. Whether you’re a witch, a werewolf, a vampire, a zombie, or an empty bag of candy (me), have a very Happy Halloween!





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