MY TRIP: Bordeaux, France


These past couple of weeks was les vacances de la Toussaint in France, meaning I got two weeks of vacation to explore my new home. So what did I do? I hopped on a bus and went south to Bordeaux, the city of wine and canelés.

Honestly, it was one of the most stunning cities I’ve ever been to! Bordeaux is a gorgeous mix of old and new, historic and current, Gothic and modern. If you ever find yourself here, I’d recommend crossing these things off your to-do list:

Le Miroir d’eau

Okay, this spot is NUMBER ONE for me. Seriously. If you only have time to do one thing in Bordeaux, this is the place to be.

Right in front of the Place de la Bourse, there’s a reflective pool that mirrors all the lights and buildings. I think I went here a good five times during my stay! It looks completely different depending on if you go during the morning, at sunset, or at night. Even though it would be a crowded when I was there, I loved grabbing lunch and eating on the stairs leading up to the pool.

Monument aux Girondins

Bordeaux is a city where you can just walk in one direction and stumble across some beautiful piece of history. I don’t think this monument is very old (by European standards) but it’s still very photograph-worthy! There was actually a carnival going on while I was there so it was nice to explore the place while munching on some churros.

Cathédrale Saint-André

So many cathedrals and churches in this city! Well, all over France. And Europe in general, I guess. I went here during this really pink sunset which gave everything this amazing glow.


Right along the river Garonne is a boardwalk that goes from one end of Bordeaux to another. There were tons of runners and cyclists and basically just people out and about, which really added to the vibe and energy of the city! Again, maybe I just got lucky but the sunsets were incredible when I was there.


Arcachon is a beach that’s actually about an hour outside of the city centre. Still a really nice stop on my trip! You could literally replace the sand with brown sugar and no one would be able to tell the difference. (Not like the “beaches” in Vancouver that are covered with jagged rocks.)


This is another Bordeaux-must. It’s actually a specialty from there! Canelés are these spongey rhum and vanilla-flavoured cakes that are caramelized on the outside. That’s about the best I can describe them but anyways, they’re delicious! Yum! (I got mine with a little macaron and espresso at a cute café called Canelés Baillardran.)

So those were the highlights of my trip! Now it’s back to school and work again (sigh) but at least I got to see a little more of this fascinating country.



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