Top 10 Things I Love About Winter

Daylight Savings happened recently (I found out they do that in France too!) and although I gained a precious and very-needed extra hour of sleep, the literal “setback” is that sun sets earlier than ever. Sigh, don’t you miss the long summer days when it wasn’t pitch-back by dinner time? But have no fear! Here are a few things that I think about to cheer me up and remind me about the nice part of winter approaching.

snowman building

Making Snowmen

What’s not to love about building a little buddy out of snow? Unfortunately this year I doubt I’ll get any snow where I live, but for the lucky readers out there, make a few more for rest of us okay?


Autumn and Winter are such cozy seasons! Sometimes I miss the hot summer weather but there’s nothing like the feeling of jumping into bed with a drink and a book.

Winter wear

Even though it’s getting colder and colder to even sub-zero temperatures, at least you get to bundle up in your mittens and scarves and toques. (I think toque means “beanie” for Americans?)

Hot Drinks

Mmmm nothing like spending lazy days in bed with a nice mug of hot chocolate or apple cider. The best bit is when you make your drink extra with a little whipped cream and marshmallows!

Sitting by the fireplace

Okay, so there’s two things I love about sitting by a warm fire: thawing my frozen hands obviously, but also just staring at the mesmerizing flames. Does anybody else love that holiday fireplace channel?? Honestly the best of television.

Hanging out with friends

Yes, so you can probably do this any time of the year if you’re not anti-social like me, but I feel like once final exams are over and winter break begins, I have so much more time for friends. Catching up in cafes, skating in an outdoor rink, checking out a Christmas market – winter activities are the best!


Of course, this is what everyone thinks of when winter gets closer. Or literally the day after Halloween. Even though it’s only November, seems like the world can’t wait for the festive season. As the sun sets sooner, the days of family dinners and present shopping gets nearer!

Christmas Lights

You can’t see the pretty glow of lights without darkness! I guess that makes the longer nights worthwhile.

Crisp air

I love walking outside in the crisp winter air, especially when I can see my breath. Even better when it’s cold enough for frost and icicles!

Baking goodies

Every day is Cheat Day during Christmastime. Cookies, cakes, sweet drinks – maybe I’ll just say I’m getting ready for hibernation.

So the darker nights might be a little depressing but I like thinking about all these things to make me feel better. What does winter remind you of?



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