Even though Canadians actually celebrate Thanksgiving Day in October, I think it’s always nice to practice a little gratitude. There are a lot of things for me to be grateful for!

Of course, there are the little things: the wafting aroma of coffee in the morning, a warm, comfy bed to sleep in every night, bubble tea. (Okay, maybe I’m stretching a little with bubble tea but as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder! I can’t find any good bubble tea or Asian food in general in France. Someone send me a care package! With Thanksgiving leftovers, too, please.)


But I’m also very thankful for other parts of my life. This year, I had many experiences and opportunities that I think I’m very lucky to have had. Getting those train tickets around Canada was definitely a highlight, and of course, working in France has been a challenging adventure and a huge change in my life. Leaving my home and saying goodbye to my friends and family was basically like a big stab in the heart, but the fact that I miss them all only shows how fortunate I am to have them.

The only thing I might miss more than home right now is pumpkin pie. Seriously, where’s that care package?

And with all the violence and craziness that’s been going on in the world, I feel extra lucky to live where I do with safety and security. Some days, all it takes is to switch on the TV or open up Facebook to realize: I. Am. Lucky.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving Day or not, I hope everyone can be grateful for something. Life can always be better but it can also be a lot worse, too. Sometimes you just need a little dose of optimism and gratitude to realize it!



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